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When the red star is in the wax museum, who do you think is the most realistic wax figure?(2)
- Mar 09, 2018 -

A new generation of entertainment, new generations of children to create entertainment myth again and again, make a contribution in the development of film and television drama, they will be invited into the museum, with the most realistic sculpture recorded their beautiful appearance, even the eyelashes are portrayed in place wax figure and who do you think is the most realistic?

The most common wax figure in entertainment circles should be Fan Bingbing, but she is also the most miserable one in the pit. All kinds of cottage wax figures destroy her good temperament. When facing the wax figure making such a real life and modeling, Fan Bingbing is thrilled with each other.

Liu Yifei's wax figure is a fairy sister serious in speech and manner like herself,The two people in the same frame are like twin sisters in different clothes with different hair styles.

Sun Li really become security ratings screen women from the beginning of Zhen Huan, settled her style is the wax museum empress Zhen Huan, carefully design in addition to the body is no difference, every detail of the face is also so in place.

The most impressive of Miss World, Zhang Zilin, is to kill all the goddesses with a perfect face and a stature, and the same frame with a wax figure that makes the wax image become green.

Joe Chen's wax figure although let people feel afraid, but between the body and the forehead of temperament or describe the very place, but Joe Chen on the wax figure do not feel satisfied.