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When the red star is in the wax museum, who do you think is the most realistic wax figure?(1)
- Mar 07, 2018 -

A new generation of entertainment, new generations of children to create entertainment myth again and again, make a contribution in the development of film and television drama, they will be invited into the museum, with the most realistic sculpture recorded their beautiful appearance, even the eyelashes are portrayed in place wax figure and who do you think is the most realistic?

Acting general actress, Baby biggest contribution to entertainment is the variety show and red carpet, her wax figure is a beautiful evening dress, faces and bodies are portrayed very good, if not wearing a difference subtle, it is really difficult to distinguish the deity and the wax figure.

Whether it is acting or attending, Liu Shishi's most profound impression is the solemn and dignified, and her appearance in the wax museum is a dignified beauty. Not only is the portrayal of the five features very similar, but the same frame with Liu Shishi as a pair of twins.

Zhao Liying gives the most profound impression is sweet, her wax figure is sweet wind, but her sweet is too difficult to copy all possible, and the wax figure stood with her, the wax figure was still hard sweet than herself.

Even Yang Mi's chest portrayed very well, Yang Mi's wax figure is very realistic, can you tell which is her own.