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What is The Cultural Value of The Resin Arts and Crafts
- Jan 04, 2018 -

Resin handicraft is a practical and artistic product. It is made of resin as the main raw material and molded by molding. It is made of various figures, animals, birds, mountains and rivers, etc., and can be made into various simulation effects. Such as: imitation of imitation gold, silver, crystal, agate, white marble, imitation mahogany etc.. The resin arts and crafts are colorful, the modeling simulation is good, the three-dimensional sense is very strong, it is suitable for home decoration.


The main varieties of resin handicrafts are animals, personas, cartoons, religions, landscapes, festivals, gardens, water modeling, functionality, fountain, simulation and so on. Resin arts and crafts in the raw materials in accordance with the proportion of resin brand, resin ratio. The general raw materials of small resin craftwork are fixed resin, stone powder or any other antique raw materials, such as imitation marble products, which can be made of resin brand and marble powder. The general raw materials of large resin arts and crafts are: resin, stone powder and color paste. The hollow can be filled with resin waste, and large resin products are generally filled with resin waste.


Resin crafts not only can be used to living in the decoration, also can be used as a gift to the customer, general business that printed on the logo it is gift, in fact, can not be compared with other handicraft products, handicraft has its special cultural value, is suitable to the attention of life taste, if in the arts and crafts also printed on logo, not only can not play the role of publicity, but reduced the value of Arts and crafts.