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Whale sculptures made of five tons of marine plastic waste appear at the Bruges Triennial
- Jun 29, 2018 -

On Bruges Triennial, the three year exhibition of Bruges art and architecture, this year's "mobile city", the American STUDIOKCA firm withdrew 5 tons of plastic waste from the Pacific Ocean, turning it into a 4 - storey whale sculpture called the skyscraper (Bruges whale). Pose whale is placed in the main canal of the Belgian city for visitors, an impressive device that aims to focus on the problem of marine waste, such as the huge amount of plastic waste in the ocean.

The United States Broolyn STUDIOKCA firm jointly with the Hawaii wildlife conservation foundation combined 4 months of plastic waste from the Pacific to a total of five tons, making up nearly four stories of whale sculptures from the marine waste, which is impress in the canal near the Jan Van Eyck wide field.