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Wax sculpture and real person proportion
- Nov 26, 2017 -

In figures of wax sculpture, silicone sculpture, usually more than a lot of people, so that looks comfortable, and wax figure emphasizes the size of the body with people, is for people to see the art. Sometimes the wax figures are displayed in a large, open environment, and the size of the size of the wax figure will be smaller, depending on the circumstances. In addition, people have a sense of outward expansion while moving, while still people seem to have a sense of contraction, in order to make up for this visual illusion, wax should not only consider the authenticity of his, but also consider the expansion of vision. Therefore, the real wax is usually slightly larger than the human, this quantity is very delicate, to grasp the good will not be distorted. In general, the proportion of people with wax figure is about 100:103, so that looks the most comfortable vision. Most of our wax figures are basically the standard. At the beginning of the plastic clay manuscript, the size must be determined, which is the basic size of the finished work. If you don't have a good grasp of the clay manuscript, you can't make up for it in the future. However, the actual size of the clay paper should be five percent larger, because the wax shape should be reduced by about two percent due to the expansion and contraction when the wax is turned over.