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Wax making process and procedures
- Nov 26, 2017 -

Collection of characters, dates, stories and backgrounds

1, collect related figures and age pictures, pictures and materials to match the age of the characters, preferably with a front, left and right two sides and 45 degree angle behind the high pixel photos 5. If there are no specific characters, we can also create our own works according to the requirements of the clients;

2. Provide dynamic drawings of related characters: posture, stance, gesture, and supporting movements related to props.

3, provide the historical background, historical data, pictures, personality and clothing materials of the related characters.

Clay sculpture of head and body

The vivid work of wax sculpture must begin with the most basic clay sculpture. The clay sculpture is the stereoscopic data collected by the sculptor, and all the plane data and related data are displayed by the sculptor through the mud. It usually takes 2 days to 5 days to complete a statue of a wax sculpture. The success or failure of the wax sculpture lies in the sculptor's grasp of the shape and the God of the manuscript, so the manuscript is crucial.

Wax modification,

With the sculpture, wax finishing release can be not a simple craft, repair wax master are many years of technology. Facial features and facial skin is the key to finishing, especially the ears and eyes in the mud draft is difficult to show, that depend on wax carving craft master repair. General a wax head finishing need 3 to 4 days.

Wax fine Makeup: make-up, make-up, mainly to reflect the real character of the skin and blood vessels and other authenticity. Exactly the same shape. The pores, hair and wrinkles are the use of advanced Handmade, precision is very high

Hair, brow, and eyelashes and hair, beard: eyelash and brow, and beard.  Because of the hair and so on need a manual implantation, so it is particularly time-consuming, basically complete a need for six days to eight days or so.

Clothing, clothing is a heavy part of the wax, because the wax is mainly engraved head, so the general body production is relatively simple, usually made of glass, but to master a large proportion of dynamic. Mainly rely on clothing to foil effect.