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Wax figure looks terrible, but why do many stars like to make one?
- Mar 23, 2018 -

Wax figure looks terrible, but why do many stars like to make one? There are two reasons why stars are keen on making wax figures.

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1. The wax museum make wax figure for stars can seek benefits, and has great commercial value.

The most famous is Shanghai Madame Tussaud's in China. Shanghai stands out from the thirty candidate cities in the world, becoming the sixth Madame Tussaud's destination in the world.

It is said that when making the wax figure of the stars, the wax museum picked out the celebrities most of the Chinese people are eager to see through detailed and precise market research. Then they are divided into seven themes: behind the scenes, Shanghai charm, historical celebrities and national leaders, movies, music, sports and speed in Shanghai Madame Tussaud's. In this exhibition, the audience can photo realistic wax figure, also can be added to the movie star and antiphonal singing, and playing basketball in the interactive experience.

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To put it plainly, this is a tourist attraction, but the tourist attractions are stars. Making wax figures can make money and have a lot of business profits. The shrewd wax museum businessmen will never miss the opportunity to make money. Therefore, there are dozens of wax museum in China.


2. From the perspective of stars, making wax figures seems to be a trend. Stars are proud of having wax figures. They even use wax figure as a measure of famous and not famous.

Celebrities are famous. The wax museum only makes wax figures for the stars. It can show wax figures to the stars in the wax museum. It also represents an affirmation of their popularity and status. The wax figures of the stars are also a way to embody fame and presence. So many stars in the circle have their own special wax figures. The spotlights on the stage made the stars bright, and the flash lights of the wax museum lit up the star's future.

One for the money, one for the fame, wax museum and stars from the different interests of the win-win cooperation, each one takes what he needs. I personally think it will be getting hotter and hotter for stars to make wax figures in the future, because there will be more and more spectators in the time of entertainment.

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