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Wax figure body proportion
- Nov 26, 2017 -

There is a proper length relationship between the parts of the body, and the length, the beginning and the pause of the length form a graceful rhythm. As Finch said: the beauty of the human body based on human divine proportion relationship, people are all short, tall, slender body are. As early as ancient Egypt, people have made a systematic study of the relationship between human body size and various parts of the human body, now handed down the ancient Egyptian body proportion grid diagram. The ancient Greeks studied the proportion of human form more complete. In fact, nature creates the human body as described below. The growth of the head face from the jaw to the forehead is 1/10. The palm from the joint to the middle finger end is the same amount, the head from the jaw to the top is 1/8, the other proportion also has their own measurement proportion