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Tourism Commodity Industry is Forming Five Concepts
- Dec 26, 2017 -

After decades of development, especially since 2009, the tourism commodities industry has entered a period of rapid development with a high degree of attention from the state. From 2009, about 300 billion yuan has grown to nearly 1.2 trillion yuan in 2016. However, the problems of unbalanced and inadequate development of tourist commodities in various regions are still outstanding. The major successful experiences of the development of tourism commodity industry in Zhejiang, Hainan and Shandong can be summed up in five major concepts.

2链接产品.jpg1. The Concept of Global

The global concept of travel goods is: tourists in any geographical space to buy goods are travel goods. That tourists buy, non-service, removable goods is travel goods. According to the classification of 2017 Chinese-style tourism product competition, the travel products include, but are not limited to, travel food, travel tea, travel drinks, tourism wine, tourism textile, travel electronics, travel cosmetics, travel jewelry, Categories and tourist souvenirs category 20 categories. The concept of a full range of travel goods is the foundation of the global concept of travel goods. The entire industrial chain of tourism product design, manufacture, sales and service is an important guarantee for the global development of tourism products.

2.The Concept of Fusion 

In the tourism product design, manufacturing, the gradual formation of tourism and various industries of goods integration. From the tourist product design is the creative travel + goods, the use of tourist attractions, attractions, scenic spots, cultural and tourist destinations of resources, property resources, according to the needs of tourists to develop tourism products. It is characterized by the design of goods for tourists. Product culture taste or the geographical characteristics of the obvious.

In the sales of travel products, the gradual formation of the various industries of goods + tourism integration. The products of various industries become tourist commodities due to the tourism and shopping activities that can satisfy the needs of tourists and sell in the shopping places reached by tourists. Its characteristic is that, although the cultural taste of the product itself is not enough, the characteristics of the regional property are not obvious, but the brand is well-known, or the function is novel, or the quality is good, or the price is low and other reasons, it is purchased by tourists and become tourism commodity.

3.The Concept of Life

Develop tourism products that bring a better life experience to tourists. From development to manufacturing, to sales, are based on "can bring a better life for tourists," the purpose of being tourists to buy. Let tourists know that seeing and buying to make life a better tourist product should be the common position of tourism product authorities and tourism product related enterprises.

Travelers are less and less like flashy things they need to get out of their lives. As the re-circulation rate is higher and higher, the market for single commemorative commodities is getting smaller and smaller. Practicality, functionality, fun and other things that make people's lives safer, healthier, greener, more economical, more convenient, more comfortable, and more enjoyable are more likely to be enjoyed by tourists.

4. The Concept of Brand

The power of the brand is huge. The brand of the travel product not only includes the brand of the travel product itself, but also includes the brand of the tourism shopping mall, the brand of the shopping mall, and even the brand of shopping city and shopping destination. At the same time, the brand is a comprehensive manifestation of quality, variety, price and so on.

To build a brand to start from the foundation, we must start from a valid trademark. Creating a brand is not difficult, well-known brands, poor quality will smash the brand, poor service will reduce the value of the brand, poor sales will make the brand meaningless, only worthy name. Brand not only to shape, but also to maintain and develop. Today's brand is not equal to tomorrow's brand, but not equal to a permanent brand.

5.The Concept of Innovative

With the development of science and technology, the progress of society, the improvement of the level of civilization, the changing needs of tourists and the promotion of tourism products. All walks of life are innovating, tourism products must continue to innovate, and even a little earlier, in order to attract tourists and guide tourists shopping consumption. Innovations in tourism products include design innovations, manufacturing innovations, innovations in marketing and sales, innovations in serving tourists, innovations in services for tourism goods businesses, innovations in tourism product development policies and measures by all relevant departments, and relevant research institutes Industry associations guide the innovation of tourism product development.

The market for tourist commodities is huge. The potential for tourism shopping consumption, the driving effect on the regional economy and the role of various types of enterprises in development are enormous. The development of tourist commodities is related to people's life and employment. It involves many departments, involves many enterprises, involves many organizations and involves all aspects. It is an important starting point for expanding consumption. It needs to be done earnestly, pragmatically and practically