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The world's first super-old silicon statue has been built in the ancient city of xi 'an
- Nov 26, 2017 -

Old man of the world's first super silicon pavilion in yanta district fish northwest industrial park headquarters inaugurated the opening, China's famous movie performing artists huanshan xu, famous scholars, harmony, such as hundreds of domestic experts and scholars and the press friends attended the opening ceremony and visited the exhibition hall, to the museum of the simulation robot simulation like silicon and high praise.

Invested by xian superman institute of old man like silicon pavilion consists of two large exhibition hall (pavilion area amounted to 2000 square), A hall is located in xi 'an superman sculpture institute new creation base layer, "yao", "li yong 2", "yi qin", A smile, visitors waiting for you.

B hall is located in xi 'an superman sculpture institute four layers, is equipped with "sports stars", "han", "the guanzhong folk", "Chinese and foreign dignitaries", "entertainment star" and "compassion" temple, six theme zone, here you can see "tang clear huang and lady Yang", sign "qian xuesen and sun yat-sen" ying, can appreciate the shaanxi guanzhong folk customs, and can be photographed with Hollywood superstar close, also more and Russian President putin "zero distance contact...

On the opening day of the opening day of June 28th, experts and audiences were deeply attracted and shocked by the works. "I thought President putin was really here. It was so much like that!" "The robot," the zou man "hair and blood vessels, did exactly the same as a real person. "" just a moment ago" mandela "stood next to a tourist, I almost didn't get out who is the real person, who is the silicon image?"

According to the old man than silicon museum founder - xian superman sculpture institute, zou Ti is introduced: the super man like silicon pavilion pavilion, are using high true realism sculpture creation technique, its artistic style is different from traditional wax, it is also different from glass fiber reinforced plastic mold, so the simulation is to achieve the effect of the real ones. And, more importantly, xian superman high simulation robot organic combine the simulation sculpture art and modern advanced robot technology, in the domestic first developed high simulation robot "flesh and blood". In 2006, zou people Ti himself as the prototype of high simulation robot "zou people Ti" has won the American time magazine invention of the year, becoming China's first won the title of the invention-creation.

The 76 - year - old artist, was the industry known as the "seventy youth", he told reporters: "the old man than silicon pavilion's future development goals, is on a par 'British madame tussauds', and the old man all over the world to build super silicon pavilion, let China high true realism sculpture art to shine all over the world... "

The wax figure is a super realistic sculpture art called stereoscopic photography. Waxworks are closer to the original characters than ordinary sculptures, and the characters they portray are vivid and have a strong appreciation, and they also have the unique functions of the original historical figures. The waxworks have been introduced into our country from abroad in the 1980s, and through the unremitting efforts of the artists of xi 'an, they have reached the advanced level of the world. As a result, the vivid waxworks have become a new favorite of many fashion people.

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