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The Whole Process of Making a Life-size Wax Figure in Wax Museum
- Jan 12, 2018 -

A super team from Italy specializes in making wax figure and shows the whole process of making a wax figure. The team members tell people that if you want to make a perfect wax figure, it is not only make the wax figure with the similar appearance, but also in spirit. Before this, we should know the character, life and story of a person. Those unsuccessful teams have always considered similar appearance.


First of all, according to the reality of the portrait, mold sculpture.


Reverse Mould 


fill in the details.


Grind, from inside to outside, even teeth are not allowed to pass


Hair is not sticking to the head, but plant one by one.


After the hair is finished, make up. To the extent that is almost the same as a real person.


The head is done, parcel.


The head below is much easier. As long as the head is successful, even if successful