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The wax figure of the host Cheng Lei was unveiled in Changsha
- Apr 26, 2018 -


In April 24th, "Shanghai famous mouth", the authorized wax figure of Cheng Lei, the famous host of Shanghai Oriental TV, was unveiled at the Star City wax museum in Changsha.

"Look, is this more like Cheng Lei than myself?" When Cheng Lei unveiled his wax figure, he put on the same posture as the wax figure.

It is reported that in July 2017, Cheng Lei authorized the "curtain opening" wax museum, and the wax figure was completed in ten months in Zhongshan, Guangdong. "Curtain opening" is the wax museum of the national brand of China. At present, there are six theme wax museum in the whole country. The curtain opened in Changsha, opened in April 2017,  to show celebrities and Huxiang culture as the main content. There are 120 famous celebrities with wax figures.