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The statue of gum throughout the body
- Sep 17, 2018 -

In the city of Vancouver, there is a very interesting sculpture.


From a distance, it's a statue of a person. There's nothing special, it's common, but when you look closely, you'll be surprised. It's also called the most "tasty" scenic spot. The gum-filled statue is interesting! The statue is filled with chewing gum, colorful, giving people a feeling of abandonment. If there are people with dense phobia, they will feel run-down. The statue is not very short. How do people stick chewing gum all over the statue? The government here doesn't care if chewing gum sticks everywhere?


In fact, the original intention of this statue is to stick gum to everyone. This statue is made of resin. See the designer's ingenuity, the idea is also very characteristic, each passer-by gum, glued to the statue, is also equivalent to everyone on the statue also made a creation, why not do it?


The designer's point of departure is very good, because everybody spits gum, which has a very bad impact on the surrounding environment, so it is better for everyone to spit gum on this statue, so that everyone can see their gum, the impact on the environment, but also reduce the city's garbage, but also let there are some here. Interesting, so this statue is also a very good building.