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The statue of General Fu Youde, the founder of Ming Dynasty, was completed in Anshun
- Nov 26, 2018 -

November 25, 2018, is a day destined to be recorded in the annals of history. On this day, leaders at all levels, relevant scholars, Fu's clans and villagers of Tunpu gathered in Fujiazhai, Liu Guanxiang, Xixiu District, Anshun City, to participate in the completion of the statue of General Fu Youde. After 624 years, the flag of the commander-in-chief was raised again in Fujiazhai.

General Fu Youde's statue is made of white Chinese jade. The figure is 7.92 meters tall, the base is 3 meters tall and the total height is 10.92 meters. The statue is composed of Fu Jiazhai villagers, social sages and Fu clans throughout the country. Joint donation, work and completion