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The process of making wax figures
- May 25, 2018 -

Silica gel as - wax production process: collecting data is the first step on the wax creation 1, collect image information age and characters, images and created the character's age, it is best to have a positive, 45 degrees or so two side and 4 photos. If there is no specific person, we can also create independently according to the requirements of customers. 2. Provide dynamic pictures of relevant characters, such as expression, standing posture, gesture and prop movements related to props. 3. Provide the historical background, character features and costume information of relevant figures; Next is the mud draft lifelike wax works must start from the most basic clay sculpture, clay sculpture is a division of the data collected in the three-dimensional sculpture, all the information and related data plane by the sculpture division through mud. It usually takes about eight to ten days to complete a wax head sculpture. The success or failure of the wax figure lies in the sculptor's grasp of the form and the god of the clay figure, so the clay figure is the crucial second step. After turning over the clay manuscript, the wax manuscript came out like a sculpture. It is not a simple craft to refine the wax manuscript. Facial features and skin are the key to fine repair, especially the ears and eyes, which cannot be shown on the clay manuscript at all. This is completely dependent on the skill of the wax master. It usually takes about four to six days for a wax head to be finished. There are several important steps, which can be divided into 1. Due to the need for manual implantation of hair and other hair, it takes a long time, and it takes about six to eight days to basically complete one. 2. Apply makeup and make up mainly to reflect the authenticity of the skin and blood vessels of the characters. 3. Clothing, clothing is a heavy link of wax figure, because wax figure is mainly engraved on the head, so general body production is relatively simple, mainly relying on clothing to set off the effect.