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The mummy of a 4500 year old cat has been unearthed.
- Nov 12, 2018 -

Archaeologists recently found seven 4,500-year-old tombs near the giant Cemetery near the pyramid in Saaqqara, about 30 kilometers south of Cairo, Egypt, filled with mummies of many animals, including "mummified cats". In addition, there are 100 gold-plated wooden cat statues and the green of the Cat Goddess Bastet. Bronze statue.


Foreign media reported that Khaled El Enany10, Egypt's Minister of Antiquities, announced the discovery. The excavation began in April. Three of the seven tombs were dedicated to the burial of cats. They said the tomb existed in the fifth and sixth dynasties. The new dynasty reused the tombs used by the old dynasty, located in the fifth Dynasty of Saaqara. (King Userkaf) Near the pyramid, but because the doors in the tomb are intact, there are no signs of destruction.

It means that the burials and mummies may not have been touched and are expected to be explored in the next few weeks.


There are several particularly interesting discoveries in the tomb, because of the presence of a cat mummy, as well as the first Scarab mummy, amulet, Canopic jars and statuettes found in the tomb, where amulets depict various gods on top of the mummy, according to Guy. This belief can protect the dead or cure certain parts of the body after death. 

Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of the Supreme Council for Cultural Relics, said that two large mummies wrapped in linen were well preserved. They were placed in a rectangular limestone coffin and decorated with scarabs, the first of which were unearthed in the region, which were very rare.


Archaeologists found more than 100 wooden statues of cats in the tomb, including one of the cat goddess Bastet and several other mummies of cats. In addition, the mummies of crocodiles and cobras were found in their own sarcophagus. 

According to the report, ancient Egypt believed that human or animal souls could be reincarnated and resurrected after death, so corpses must be preserved for use in the next life, so the corpses of animals and relatives could be mummified at that time. However, mummies have different meanings. Some are used to provide food for the gods, some are made into mummies to worship the gods, and some are used to preserve animal corpses as sacrifices.