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The most unconventional sculpture in the world-1
- Jun 25, 2018 -

The most unconventional sculpture in the world. These sculptures can not be explained by mechanics, but they all become famous scenic spots in the world.


There are many famous museums in the world. The the Imperial Palace, the Louvre, the British Museum are one of the most famous scenic spots in the world. But there is a museum that you have never seen, because it is not easy to be seen, but the art museum that is deep in the bottom of the sea. There is an undersea Sculpture Museum in Mexico's Canton and the national Ocean Park in Isla Mujeres, which not only hide the portrait of the Terracotta Army type, but also have some other art sculptures that blend in with the fish. The idea was actually created by British artist Jason Taylor, who made more than 400 statues of actual figures.


he monument to the Holland violinist is located in the municipal opera house in Amsterdam. A violinist breaks out and brings a strong sense of violation. It is difficult to keep a few eyes on it.


The picture shows Flying Porsche, the British Racing Carnival. The flying Porsche, created by the artist Gerry Judah, is a stunning and competitive player.