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The most hands of Thousand hand Guanyin - Thousand hand Guanyin in Baoding Mountain
- Aug 28, 2018 -

Dazu Stone Carving Thousand-Handed Guanyin is located in Dazu District of Chongqing, southwest China. It is a fine scenic spot with Thousand-Handed Guanyin as the main landscape. Guanyin has a certain function in Buddhism. Because the suffering and troubles of all living beings are various, and the needs and desires of all living beings are different, a thousand-handed Guanyin appears to save all the suffering of all living beings. Generally speaking, the goddess of mercy statue can be called "thousand hand Guanyin" as long as there is a test paper hand. The most common thousand-handed Guanyin is 32 hands or 48 hands, to express the 32 changes and 48 wishes of Guanyin.

Dazu Baoding Mountain Dafowan Nanyan this Guanyin 830 hands, eyes, set sculpture, painting, gold in one, like a peacock open screen, brilliant, 800 years ago. It is a thousand hand Guanyin, known as "the wonders of the world". It is crisscrossed, overlapped on top and bottom, and opposite to each other. These 830 hands were carved on the eighty-eight square meter cliff. And the posture of the hands is not identical. This is really a magic trick.