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The most beautiful nine dragon wall -- the nine dragon wall of the Beijing Imperial Palace
- Aug 22, 2018 -

The Kowloon Wall, 29.4 meters long, 3.5 meters high and 0.45 meters thick, is a one-sided glazed shadow wall built against the wall of the Forbidden City Ningshou Palace. It burns paper for the reconstruction of the Ningshou Palace in the 30th year of Qianlong. On the wall, Kowloon is made of high relief. The top part protrudes the wall 20CM, forming a strong sense of three-dimensional. The cliffs and rocks divide the Nine Dragons into five spaces. In the Yellow Dragon Opera, there are two blue and white dragons on the left and right sides. The white is the ascending dragon and the blue is the descending dragon. The nine dragons are full of vigor and vitality.

Among the positive numbers, nine is the polar number and the five is the drama. The "Ninth Five-Year Plan" system is an important embodiment of the respect of the Son of Heaven. It can be said that this is a very careful design, superb skills, to achieve such a superb effect.