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The first giant sea stone carving -- Zhuhai fishing girl
- Aug 30, 2018 -

Zhuhai fisherwoman statue is also a symbol of Zhuhai city, built in 1982, the main material for granite, 70 pieces of combination, with a height of 9.9 meters, weighing 10 tons. The fisherwoman is graceful, joyful and shy. She holds up a sparkling pearl in her hands. She wears a necklace, wears a fishing net, pulls her trousers lightly, and offers jewels to mankind. It shows the light to the world. This statue is the masterpiece of Pan He, a famous Chinese sculptor.

The blueprint of the image of the fisherwoman originates from a beautiful love story in Zhuhai. Its successful creation has pioneered the development of large-scale Chinese seashore statues.