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The earliest sculpture of human head in China -- the head of Hemudu Site pottery sculpture
- Aug 20, 2018 -

The statue of Hemudu Site pottery was unearthed in 1973-1978 years, now in the Hemudu Site of Yuyao, Zhejiang. This statue is the work of the Neolithic Age in China. It is a pottery statue about 6,000 years ago. Among them, the pottery statue is 4.5 cm high. The statue of the pottery man is made of plastic, with prominent cheekbones and immature shape. On the outside corner of the eye, the cheekbones are prominent and full of energy. It is the face of a man. His eyes were hollow, his nose was straight and long, and his small mouth was hollow like a hole. Neolithic pottery figurines can be described as modern people's empty, helpless, empty space full of desire.


This statue of Hemudu pottery is a treasure of Chinese culture. It not only reflects the artistic level of pottery sculpture in primitive times, but also is a very important thing to study anthropology. It provides a lot of evidence for the different cultures in different regions in different periods (head shape, face, skeleton, hair, etc.).