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The card house sculpture on the streets of Jerusalem
- Jun 22, 2018 -

OGE creative group, an architectural design group based in Haifa, Israel, recently installed a lighting device project called house of cards (card house). The project, located in front of the ancient synagogue in Jerusalem, is called the card house because its stack is similar to a game, and players stack the cards at the time of the triangle, stacked up and up until the structure is unstable and scattered.

The designer Merav (Salush) Eitan and Gaston Zahr accumulated 126 cards and created a 10 * 7 x 5 meter structure. Each single card size is a 90 * 150 centimeter ultra thin light box, with a super bright LED lamp inlaid on both sides. Both sides are printed with a famous painter and illustrator. The contents of the pattern are all from the design. The characters in the Bible. In the evening, when the lights were on, the device became a fascinating sea of light, which was very attractive. The project will be on tour all over the world since June, because the way it is stacked is modular, so each exhibition in other cities and regions will be different from each time, looking forward to their exhibition.