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Statue of wax art
- Nov 26, 2017 -

Since xi 'an superman to wax added after the branch of a silica gel wax, wax has become a fusion of multiple disciplines, xian superman unique skills make high simulation project is not only a kind of elegant art, also widely used in the economic life, and other sphere, and sculpture can be pictorial vividly the elegant demeanour of Chinese and foreign historical figures, subjective dilution and represent the historical moment, continuous work of human education. The famous sculptor said: the goal is to reflect the past dynasties and political career. Only in creating ideas and creating goals is the opposite: a graphic sculpture is not aimed at a collective, but corresponds to a genre that reflects a point of view, so there is more room for innovation.

It is futile to have a subtle shape that reflects the unique qualities of people. The art of silicone waxwork lies in extremely high emulation, which should be solved by quantitative analysis model, which can accurately reflect the prototype. The key is to go to the relationship between coordinates, head and head, with modeling rules, from big to small, easy and easy, from rational emotional perception and control. The shortcoming of traditional wax wax is: wax use inconvenience in the data processing, simulation instead of texture and texture of the simulation, the silicone wax to complement the traditional wax figure of the art, more imitate human skin texture and texture and detail, also reflects the most detailed part, so new wax is widely used in super photo, sculpture.

The wax image as a content super picture, sculpture, is a visual shock to the audience. The sculpture has the art of the sea, which is unified: vividly recreating all human emotions, accurately conveying the most delicate vision and touch of all human beings. Xi 'an superman silicone wax figure is the quality of: head, clothing, facial expression, makeup and other ingredients. The face of every statue of the superman in xi 'an is engraved with the stamp of history. The head of a person is very different, its characteristic is fluctuation and impermanence, have diversity, so the silicon wax figure to want to reflect is these individual character of these individual character. Silica gel wax to do simulation as high, need to have a profound cultural background and excellent artistic forms, xian superman sculpture court was set up for 16 years, plus 10 years practice, before he was founded 26 years by taking the path of silicon as the artistic creation, is the authentic realism; Adhering to the realistic creation thought, creation idea and creative method.

Waxworks extreme simulation. The waxworks are highly targeted and correspond to a collective, reflecting vivid state. The wax image is a link next to an image sculpture, from above to a super photograph, sculpture creation step, enrich its legal and extended thinking. Wax sculpture simulation is a word derived from creation.

At present, many practitioners have no really calm down and into the sculpture art work itself, rather than blindly pursue profits, the popularity of led to today's "food carving", the art of sculpture has become severely digestion.