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Singapore is a country full of artistic design atmosphere.
- Sep 27, 2018 -

Singapore is a country full of art and design atmosphere. Art museums, galleries and exhibition halls are all accessible on foot. You can find art exhibitions, creative fairs, countless public works of art, sculpture and so on all year round.

The National Gallery in Singapore: reconstruction of historic buildings

The National Museum of Art is a renovated government building and the former Supreme Court, two of Singapore's most representative historic buildings. It aims to be a top visual arts institution that integrates art in Singapore, Southeast Asia and around the world and continues to inspire and inspire the public. With a total floor area of 64,000 square meters, the museum is the largest visual arts institution in Singapore and the region.

The Museum has a collection of art works from Singapore and Southeast Asia, focusing on the art of Singapore and Southeast Asia from the 19th century to the present, presenting the social, economic and political history of Singapore and its regional culture. In addition, the museum will also co-organize international exhibitions with international galleries such as the Pompidou Art Center in France and the Tate Gallery in Britain to project Southeast Asian visual arts into a globalized art atmosphere and stimulate interaction between them.


The Esplanade: a unique "giant Durian"

The Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay, situated at the mouth of the Singapore River in downtown Singapore, adjacent to the Gulf, is Singapore's premier performing arts venue with a unique dome that earns it the title of Durian.

Local and international performances, ranging from musicals, concerts, dances, dramas to outdoor performances and luncheon concerts, are performed in a variety of forms, sometimes free.


Red Dot Design Museum: visiting the cutting-edge creative market

The Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore is the only red dot design museum in the world except Germany. It collects and exhibits the best "red dot" design awards in the world, promotes the most cutting-edge and unique design, and has the largest modern art and design works in Asia.

On the first weekend of each month, the museum also hosts a MAAD, where only original and interesting creative works appear. Many exquisite designs are priced at around a few dozen new coins, and individual products are priced at around a few hundred new coins.


Singapore Art Gallery: Exhibition of Southeast Asian Art History

The Singapore Art Museum is situated at the site of St. Joseph's Academy, the earliest Catholic school in Singapore. This group of preserved and intact ancient Greek monasteries houses the most traditional and modern works of art in Southeast Asia in the world. The visual Gallery in the museum uses interactive images and high-definition screens. In twentieth Century, the art history of Southeast Asia has strong interaction and playfulness.

The Singapore Museum of Art today has the world's largest collection of Southeast Asian art in the 20th century. Some of these installations are very interesting because they encourage visitors to interact with their works.

Museum boutique has a variety of exquisite gifts, whether it is cards, art books, silk fabrics, ceramics or handicrafts, can be used as a gift to relatives and friends, with unique charm.


Vitoria Memorial Hall: the first choice for the Art Festival

Also known as the Vitoria theatre and music hall. Singapore's main venue for performing arts, this magnificent Victorian colony with its unique Palladio-style bell tower, Italian windows and rough columns, is one of the best examples of Strait colonial architecture.

Since its inception, it has become the venue for some of the most famous cultural events such as the Singapore Arts Festival, the Singapore Sun Festival, and the weekly performance of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.