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Shock: the perfect combination of light and sculpture
- Jun 21, 2018 -

American artist Barbara Grygutis, who has been commissioned in all parts of the United States and elsewhere, has established 75 large public works of public art. Her large sculptures and lighting designs are perfectly combined, into a sculpture garden, a public square, a gateway and other urban and natural landscape sculptures. On the urban rail transit line, her iconic independent sculptures enhance the connection between architecture and environment, and increase the interaction between people and art.

Her works are all over the world, including Long Island Socrates Sculpture Park, New York Bronx Museum, even the White House and the vice president's house of Representatives. She won a lot of awards and honors, including the National Art Foundation individual project Artist Award, the two prize of the Italy FAENZA international competition, What awards are not the most important, the authenticity of the artist's works and the sense of existence is the most important, we collect some of the artist's large lighting sculptures, super shock, come to see the works!