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Sculpture of head in wax making
- Nov 26, 2017 -

Create a full-length picture in wax production, including the neck and shoulder. How to shape a wax head. Any head, I think the artist before the creation of specific characters, should understand the general structure of the characters, a simple head, step by step demonstration of its sculpture program, can well reveal the head sculpture skills and methods needed.

In the wax sculpture, we will move from the overall outline of the head to the local details, such as eyes, hair, etc., and then go back to the overall contour. This is the actual method of creation. The emphasis on the overall contour should be greater than the emphasis on the local details. Not only one by one sculpture of facial features, but also to them as a whole, to adjust, increase the texture, determination of proportion, so from the local to the whole molding process, often repeated.

You will find that the same procedure is performed more than once, and in the process of sculpture, some parts will become blurred, need to be reshaped, cut, to make the surface texture become smooth or rough, until finally each detail becomes a part of the harmonious whole.

Don't forget the whole concept of wax sculpture. Although a bad local treatment will affect the original may be moving works, but all the details of the elaborate, on the whole, not necessarily perfect. Artists have to know how to sculpt parts, and how to stand back and observe the overall effect.