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Sculpture and graffiti, the city soul of Havana
- Jun 19, 2018 -

In the Cuban capital of Havana, a sculpture or graffiti is unusually visited. These ideas are novel and bring strong visual impact to the sculptures and graffiti, representing the modern spirit of Cuba and the soul of the city.

The seats are often provided by pedestrians in the street garden and on the side of the road. These seats are made in an abstract way. The back of the chair is a person with feet, and the foot is the support of the back of the chair. At first glance, it is somewhat like the style of Picasso's painting, giving consideration to artistry and practical value.

There is a small square near my homestay where there is a very impressive iron sculpture. This is a female half portrait of the Cuban sculptor, Professor Rafael San Juan, at the 2015 Havana Biennale to commemorate the spirit of Cuban women, named "spring". The whole sculpture is made up of numerous small pieces of iron, 26 feet tall, equivalent to two stories. With a strong expression of longing, she gazed ahead, and on her head was the crown of flowers. The sculptor took great efforts to build her head, and the rest used a lot of hollowing, and even the eyes were hollowed out. When the bright sunlight passes through, it glittering with dazzling sight, is a modernist art work (as shown).


There is a memorial sculpture of John Lennon in the park of the revolutionary square. As a "Beatles" fan, the late Cuban leader Fidel Castro personally unveiled the statue and mourned the death of the musical hero together with the world's fans.

In the square of the famous St. Francis monastery, there is a sculpture of two people sitting opposite each other. The head, hands and feet are all there, and the body is empty, but it does not prevent people from imagining what they are talking about. This incompleteness gives people room for reverie and has more meaning to continue.

In the small garden there is a statue of Quixote riding an ass or carrying a spear and shield. The waist or legs only use lines to outline, I suddenly remembered that simplicity is the artistic principle of great beauty, and can not be respected by heart.

Walking, perhaps in some unknown streets, I met the amazing graffiti. Close to the wall of a dilapidated residential building, there is a girl lying flat. The colourful colors add a touch to the dilapidated street. Others use simple lines to draw skateboards and kicks, and few strokes outline the characters.

The sculptures and graffiti of these urban public areas decorate the city, imperceptibly enhancing the artistic appreciation level of the general public, and making visitors long aftertaste.