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Mandala Sculpture-Human beings cooperate with nature
- Oct 05, 2018 -




Shona Wilson

Australian sculptor

A trip twenty years ago

It's Shona's beginning as a sculptor.

In a lane with medieval Gothic winds.

She found a tiny shrine.

From then on, she stimulated her interest in small things.

The smaller the object, the more precious it looks. Vulnerability and caution are implicit, which creates a very direct emotional response for the audience.


She began to learn and began to write her own artwork.

The raw materials include fallen leaves, seeds, branches, bark, animal bones, etc.

Shona's workshops are often withered leaves all over the ground.

I don't know if she thought she was a plant researcher.


This natural material seems to be obscure and everywhere.

The difficulty is to combine them together to make a beautiful design.

We all know that everything that is lost is fragile.

But this has also become the fun and inspiration in Shona's creation.


These beautiful designs are both artistic creation.

It is also the relationship Shona hopes to create between culture and nature.

"The material of nature is the storehouse of knowledge, information and energy. I find something extraordinary in the ordinary, something magical in everyday life, and finally something immaterial in the material."


The more easily neglected, the smaller things.

It is the source of inspiration from nature.

Creating new things from these insignificant objects.

"I see, for me, nothing can be created than nature. More diversity, elegance and imagination, it is my teacher and Mousika. It is infinite inspiring. It's not romanticism, it's reality. Everything we know and own comes from nature.


Ponder over its unity and continuity from one work to another.

Find the hidden meaning behind these materials.


Shona's work looks simple.

But it is pieced together again and again.


In addition to constantly drawing inspiration from old things.

Express the emotion of the object's form.

It is also necessary to constantly change the inherent form of materials.

Re create different things.


Aristotle once said: every field of nature is wonderful.

Keep a curiosity forever.

To find something more subtle and subtle.

You will find areas that are neglected and "invisible".

Nature is the best originator.

And we are all creators who work with nature.

As Albert Einstein said,

A deeper understanding of nature will help you understand everything better.

Desire to explore and engage deeply.

In order to create extraordinary things in ordinary things.