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Maintenance of Fiberglass Sculpture
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Maintenance of Fiberglass Sculpture


A. Sculpture preservation products should avoid sunshine, wind and dust; more dust will damage the natural charm of the work, so it is best placed in the glass cabinet, which is easy to appreciate and preserve, while as outdoor decoration of stone carvings, the dust on its surface should be treated on time. 


B. can be maintained by wax sealing method. After printing the stone and seal carvings, apply a thin layer of wax and polish with soft cloth. For some stone sculptures which have been preserved for a long time and have faded, they can be washed with warm water, dried in shade, heated by hairdryer, sealed with wax and polished. 


C. sculptures should avoid corrosive liquids, avoid violent bumps, and adhere to the durability of their appearance.