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Kwan Yin statue in Japan
- Sep 28, 2018 -

Many countries in the world believe in religion, so there are many Buddhist sculptures in many places. China has believed in Buddhism since ancient times. The Chinese feel that Buddha can bring us good luck and bless our peace. And many countries in the world also have statues of Buddha. Japan also has a huge statue of Guanyin. But this statue will feel different in the evening. This statue of Guanyin Buddha What's so special about it? Why does this Buddha make people dare not look straight at night?


The Japanese also advocate Buddhism, and have a special reverence for the Thousand-Handed Avalokitesvara. In Sendai, Japan, there is a very large Avalokitesvara statue. Sendai Guanyin is located in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. This huge statue in front of her in the world there are five, she is 100 meters tall, and this Buddha is carved from marble materials, and is carved from very rare pure white stone, perfect production technology is the famous landmark Sendai City, also by many tourists at home and abroad.


Guanyin here is not just a statue of Buddha so simple, there are 12 layers inside Sendai Guanyin, and in a specific place placed Buddha statues and gods and generals, but also in the top of the statue set up a heart hall, people can go up and look forward to Sendai scenery. The huge image of Guanyin gives people a sense of foreign things, so that people unconsciously from the heart of a kind of awe.


However, many tourists will feel very strange after watching the Avalokitesvara. One reason is that the local buildings in Japan are so low that visitors can see the head of the Avalokitesvara rising all the time when they walk down the ramp, just as if they were raising their heads. In the evening, because the Avalokitesvara seems to be made of pure white marble, to the evening is particularly obvious, as if she was staring at the same time, so give a sense of oppression.


Because many Japanese houses are relatively low in Tibet, ten, so this Guanyin image is particularly prominent. Wherever you go, you can see the head of Avalokitesvara when you look up. And the Guanyin image also has the light, once in the evening due to the light illumination, the entire Guanyin image is snow white, at first glance is still a bit scary, so many timid people will be unable to sleep after seeing.


After centuries of development, Japan also believed in Buddhism. There were many temples and Buddhist statues, and Buddhist culture had a long-term development in Japan. And Japan is also a country where many foreign tourists like to travel.


This statue of Avalokitesvara can be seen clearly everywhere in Sendai. This Avalokitesvara is the tallest building in Sendai. This grand Guanyin in Sendai is located in the south of Zhongshan with the character of Shize in Quanzhou District of Sendai City. This Guanyin is very exquisite in its overall sculpture and facial portrayal. A benevolent and kind countenance. She stood there silently, guarding the land and the laborious laboring people.


The highest level of Guanyin in Sendai City also has an observation platform. Visitors can climb from the inside to the top to enjoy the scenery of Sendai City and the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Ocean.


Japan is a Buddhist country. This Guanyin image in Sendai brings awe and mystery to people. The Guanyin image in Sendai is a scenic spot for tourists to visit. But the contrast between the local architecture and the Guanyin image makes the image feel better.