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Karl Lagerfeld will hold the first personal sculpture exhibition.
- Oct 11, 2018 -

The fashion Lord Karl Lagerfeld once again proves that his genius is the genius of creation. This is not a new series of clothes to be published, but will extend the creative tentacles to the art world, the upcoming first "personal sculpture exhibition," can not help but let people admire the Buddha's life is really no limit, design talent is not limited to the field, creating a new milestone!




Karl Lagerfeld, who always has multiple identities as a designer, illustrator, and photographer, is about to hold his first marble sculpture exhibition called Architectures in Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Paris, this time taking off familiar roles and continuing to show his versatility as a new sculptor China brings you another new surprise. Designed by Karl Lagerfeld himself and inspired by ancient aesthetics, the exhibition will feature a series of marble sculptures carved from rare materials such as Arabescato Fantastico, Nero Marquina, and so on. The main vision is black and white. The color is mainly composed of two tones, creating a simple and elegant atmosphere.



All the works are carved, polished and polished by Italian craftsmen. The production process is supervised by Aline Asmar, a famous architect. Each kind of marble is displayed in eight different forms, such as tables, chairs, mirrors and pillars. Old Buddha combines classical and modern aesthetics to achieve his "modern myth", which is projected in his mind. The lighting on the work is even more ingenious, with the brightness closest to the sunlight and traditional hand-painted lampshade, hoping to sublimate the work to another realm! Karl Lagerfeld's first sculpture exhibition will be on display from October 19 to December 22. To get a glimpse of the new face of the old Buddha, go to Paris for a pilgrimage!