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Juventus plans to establish a statue of Cristiano Ronaldo in Turin
- Aug 03, 2018 -

"The Sun" reported that Juventus plans to set up a statue of Cristiano Ronaldo in Turin to facilitate the group photo.

After Cristiano Ronaldo joined Juventus, the whole Turin and even Italy were crazy. His No. 7 jersey continued to sell well, and Juventus was also very surprised.

It is reported that Juventus will set up a number of C Ronaldo statues in Turin to facilitate the group photo and strengthen the connection between Ronaldo and the fans.

The statue's mold is ready, his statue is expected to officially appear in Turin this summer, and Juventus executives hope that this will promote the development of tourism and turn Turin into a football Disney.

"The Sun" said that Cristiano Ronaldo's statue will certainly become the target of Turin fans in the same city. After the seven consecutive championships of Juventus, they were embarrassed by opponents.