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It's fashionable to have your own wax figures
- Nov 26, 2017 -

I do not know when to start, have their own wax figure has become a politician, film stars, entertainment stars, sports stars and other celebrities of a big fashion. American president Obama's wax figure sweeps across the world's multi wax museum. There are dozens of wax figures on display around the world. After the first World Cup in Spanish history, the wax museum in Barcelona began to make wax figures for David Villa and Iniesta, in honor of the outstanding contributions made by the two men during the world cup to the matador legion. Wax art, known as "stereo photography" and super realism sculpture, is really closer to the figure than other forms of art. The figures created by wax figures are often lifelike, and they can be distinguished from genuine ones. In addition, the wax figure also has a strong ornamental, but also fully restore the unique function of historical figures, and this is a lot of art such as sculpture incomparable.  Therefore, there is a reason for the popularity of wax figures. In football circles, there are a lot of stars who have wax figures. Besides white and Huluva, there are many people who have one or more statues in one place or more.

The wax museum is attracting more and more tourists to appreciate wax figures, to understand history, to cherish reality, and to close contact with the people they admire. This makes the art of wax sculpture popular and simulation.