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International Deaf day creative sculpture appealed to deaf groups
- Sep 24, 2018 -

September 23rd is the fourth Sunday in September and the sixty-first International Deaf day. This is a special festival for people with hearing impairment. It calls for public attention, concern and help for the deaf.

In order to appeal to the public to pay attention to the deaf, understand and help the deaf, the public welfare sculpture of "silence due to drugs" created by the creative agency Gia advertisement was officially unveiled in Jinhongqiao International Center Square on the 23rd. Changning Deaf Association, Shanghai Youth Entrepreneurship and Employment Promotion Association, Shanghai Guanghua Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital and 20 Deaf representatives attended the event.

The sculpture is a large 2-meter-high bust of a child with gray-scale hues and two huge capsules of medicines blocked the ears. It highlights the problem of "hearing loss" caused by medicines, calls for public attention to the deafness of children, and calls for public attention to the deaf population.