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How to do the daily maintenance of the wax figure
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Now, because of the social and economic development, the improvement of the degree of civilization of human society, the tourism industry has also accelerated the pace of development. There will be a lot of the exhibition of wax figures in the tourist attractions. How to do the daily maintenance of the wax figure?

Eric Clapton wax figure 1.jpg

The usual maintenance of wax figures is usually done in the following ways:

First, we must measure the temperature and humidity of the wax art exhibition hall everyday and adjust the air conditioning system in time according to the flow of visitors and other external factors.

Second, in order to ensure that the wax works are not corroded by the foreign chemical environment, the antiseptic and mildew resistant chemicals used in the exhibition hall should ensure that the wax works are harmless, and the air quality of the exhibition hall is harmless, and it must be used again after the test is successful.

Third, when cleaning wax figures, the bare part and the non exposed part must be separated separately.

Elton John wax figure 2.jpg

Focus on the daily cleanliness of the wax figures.

The first step is dedusting. From the beginning of the hair, pat lightly with hands, remove the dust that is easy to sweep, remove the dust from the wrinkles of the clothes with the wool brush, and finally clean up the shoes. If the dust on the clothes is not easy to remove, it must be removed and cleaned, dried and pressed, and then replaced with wax figures.

Second step is tidy  the hair. Use the wet wet cloth to remove the floating soil, then comb and shape. If your hair is dirty, you should wash your hair as usual as usual, and then restore the original shape.
The third step is to clean the wax part of the exposed part, such as the head and hands. This part is the most important and the most difficult to deal with. First, remove the dust from the face and hands with wool brush, gently wipe with the wet towel (including eyeball), and finally make up makeup. In case of wear or damage, repair is necessary.

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