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Hollywood Wax Museum
- Mar 06, 2018 -

Hollywood wax museum is located in the Hollywood tourist center area. The wax museum, which opened in 1965, is the only wax museum in the world that only makes wax figure for stars. Now there are 180 wax figures in the museum, both famous film and television stars.

There is no obstacle in the wax museum. The audience can interact with the wax figure. It can contact with the famous wax figures in close distance. The wax museum encourages the audience to do so. It will not violate the regulations. 

Over 180 lifelike wax figures, depicting celebrities from movies, TV, music and sports circles, and even superheroes, the verisimilitude of wax figure is amazing. You may have to pinch the wax figure of Ann Hathaway to make sure that she is not a real person. It's all depend on the museum's well-trained sculpture team. The team has been over the history of the sculpture for over 200 years. Remember to play basketball with Kobe Bryant, play with Johnny Depp, and perform with Rihanna.