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Gorriz, a modern sculptor who uses his image to express his emotions and thoughts.
- Oct 01, 2018 -

Born in 1988 as a famous sculptor in Eudald de Juana Gorriz, a small town near the Spanish home, Eudald's interest in art has been fostered in this natural and artistic environment. Studying at Figueres for a bachelor's degree in art, focusing on painting and using it as a tool for studying the world around you, has become a habit.


At the age of 19, Eudald officially began his career as an artist. At the University of Barcelona, he began to study different art disciplines and tried to use human images to express his ideas. It also makes him realize that the portrayal of the characters can show his emotions and ideas to everyone in the most comprehensive way, and perception is the source of superiority in his works.


Until 2012, after graduating from Gorriz, eudald moved to Florence and began intensive sculpture training and research in the art of painting at Florence College. Here, he pursues his own interest through studying the image of the characters, which makes his works reach a higher level, and is also paid close attention to and recognized in the industry.

From 2014, he began teaching at the Barcelona Academy of art and sculpting at the museum. He is currently teaching sculpture at the Florence Academy of art. The key is to focus on perception. He also uses this gift from heaven.