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Free flowing sculpture - light bridge
- Jun 19, 2018 -

A gorgeous "light show" has been staged in Amsterdam, the capital of Holland, the third Amsterdam lighting festival held in Holland, and the night sky in cities and countries will be brightened by brilliant lights. Today we mainly introduce the large lighting device created by Tjep, the design studio of Holland called "light bridge".

This is a real light bridge, because the works they have made are mounted on the famous Amsterdam ship canal bridge, drawing on the classic arch of the canal bridge, using the steel to weld the curved form of the free flow of the canal bridge, to add the LED light to the surface of the water, and under the bridge. Through the boat. The fluctuation of the water also causes the fluctuation of the light and shadow in the water. It is quite romantic to reflect the atmosphere on the water and the light on the surface. It is really good for the lovers and the loved families to play, feeling the warmth and beauty of the light and night.