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France stops the zombie Macron wax figure
- May 21, 2018 -

According to the French television news network in May 15th, the country's most famous Musée Grévin has a tradition of collection of previous presidential waxe figure, and the museum is about to introduce a wax figure of Macron in 1st anniversary. However, because of the difference between wax figure and Macron himself, which led to continuous questioning, the curator has urgently stopped the wax figure. He said to the media, "make sure that the" distortion "of the museum is not allowed.


It is reported that the cost of making such a wax figure is about 50 thousand euros and takes nearly 6 months, and tens of thousands of hair on the wax figure are hand-implanted. This wax figure should show the heroic posture of young president, but it has caused "avalanche" comments on social media because of distortion. Many people think that, in addition to the low similarity, this work also has the disfigurement of the "disfigurement" of Macron, which makes him "chased blingt", "the facial expression of the zombie", and so on, so it must be redone.

Deromo, the director of the Musée Grévin, believes that the most successful place for the wax figure is the suit made by Maxwell, but the facial expressions are stiff and the eyes are not ideal. He said that when the media exposed the picture of the wax figure, it was not yet completely completed. After realizing the problem, "we will either vigorously adjust or redo it directly." In any case, I will not let him enter the wax museum. "

Ideally, Deromo said, the wax figures should be met with a real person, but the staff were only sampled according to a number of photographs, and the facial expression of the wax figure was the result of several photos. He said: "if Macron can make time to meet with craftsmen, it will be great to spend 5 minutes in 3D scanning." The Elysee Palace has not responded to this request.