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Dreams —— Matti Dubee Sculpture Exhibition
- Jun 20, 2018 -

A few days ago,  "Dreams - Matti Dubbe sculpture exhibition" opened the curtain at the Ivy Art Museum of the international art exchange in Mount Xishan. More than 30 sculptures were created by Matti, a European sculptor who lived in China for many years.

According to the introduction, the work of "Dreams - Matti Dubbe sculpture exhibition" was created by Matti through his own creation of Dali paper and sculpture technology for more than 3 months. Dali paper making and sculpture technology is the use of newspaper combined with grinding technology, forming a unique paper texture, similar to marble.

Floating clouds, graceful sculptures, green forests, lost spirits... At the exhibition site, people enter into a dream. The sculptures on display express the human body itself and the exploration of the ideological extension through human movements, reflecting the artist's delicate care for the present society and the attention of the individual.