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Domestic Tourism Souvenir Market Present Situation
- Jan 03, 2018 -

(1) The potential of the tourism consumption market is huge, and the proportion of shopping is low.

With the continuous improvement of the national level of economy, people's living standard has also increased. Compared with the rural consumption level, the tourism consumption potential of urban residents is more huge, but the proportion of shopping is still low due to various factors.


(2) Inaccurate positioning of tourist commodities

In the low-cost travel goods and crafts of China should be the main product of the tourism shopping market in our country, but many designers and producers generally put tourism products and souvenirs positioning in the so-called boutique, do not pay enough attention to the main products in the tourist shops in tourist commodities are some high-grade precious antiques or crafts. To adapt to the domestic tourist consumption level and aesthetic taste, moderate price and strong local characteristics of tourism commodities are few.

(3) The structure of tourist shopping is unreasonable and the local characteristics are lacking

At present, China's tourism commodities have already formed a relatively complete system. But for a long time, our country attaches importance to the production of traditional tourist commodities and despises the development and innovation of tourist commodities in the structure of tourism commodities. The characteristics of tourist commodities are not obvious. The quality of tourist products is less than that of tourists. The development of tourism shopping resources is not enough. Tourism commodities are similar everywhere. Lack of goods representing the geographical area or representing scenic spots can not meet the needs of the market.

(4) The confusion of the tourist shopping market

At present, the tourist commodity market in our country exists generally "false, scattered and disorderly problem, market order more confusion, it is difficult to eradicate fake and shoddy goods, often the price of fraud, vendors sell and follow the tourist qiangmaiqiangmai phenomenon. Many of these operators designated tourism products with special geographical advantages, often bothered to put back as they pursue the goal of economic benefits, the lack of integrity of the tourism business activities will not only damage the interests of tourists, tourists buy goods dampened enthusiasm, but also seriously affect the local tourism image.