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Display of the Museum (Part Two)
- Dec 25, 2017 -

But sometimes we can choose the way of digital display, create a multi-dimensional display effect, and help visitors to know more about the product's richer background or feel more real information about the scene without the guide. Digital museum, break through the traditional display mode, dynamic image, showing the expression of the content to visitors, visitors can not only see the magnificent three D display model, can also see more professional in the virtual scene, a brief pause stop, like watching movies. Experience, feedback information of virtual scene. The collection of digital museums needs to be digitized and stored through various digital means. Compared with the traditional museum collection and maintenance work, it has its own advantages. First of all, this way of display does not occupy much of the limited physical display space, and it only uses computers, liquid crystal display, projection sets, audio and machine to explain people, so that it can achieve the purpose of display. In most of the time, it can be a useful supplement to the exhibits. Secondly, with the help of advanced computer technology and multimedia technology, the digital collection of objects exhibits more comprehensive, richer and more realistic results than traditional entity collections. Third, the digital collection mode, improve the product file management and maintenance efficiency, now the museum is to diversify, the organic integration of information display and virtual space information and space museum building designers are gradually exploring physical space, to achieve truly interactive information, spatial information and guidance system of "people-oriented", the embassy Tibetan cultural relics information digitization, the information transmission network, even range from infinite collections of cultural relics exhibition, providing comprehensive information and independent tour route will become the main development target of digital display design of modern museum for visitors. Intelligent control, sound design, visual design and other technical measures to increase the display cost, so the exhibition should be considered when using this kind of display mode is necessary according to the actual situation.


As a mass media, museums mainly influence visitors in ways of stimulation, inspiration, guidance and guidance, and visitors' acceptance of information also experience a stage of perception, association, imagination and understanding. Therefore, in this series of complex interaction processes, we need some design methods to narrow the distance between visitors and exhibits, make the process of "look" and "look" easy, and also need to reflect, and try some creative designs to make them artistic.

The social functions of the museum were mainly collected and studied at the beginning, and later derived from the function of education. Education is mainly manifested in the display of works of art, there is in the museum exhibits the activities of internal and external to the interpretation of the audience, lights and move mode combined with the teaching of the works of information, can make people on the museum's interest increasingly deepened, electronic information screens can provide information for visitors.


The contents of the museum include the space, nature, temperament and theme of display, as well as the appearance, material, color and decoration of the display effect. The contents of the exhibition include exhibits, exhibits, themes, ideas, pictures, instructions and other auxiliary exhibits or facilities as a supplement to the theme exhibits, which helps visitors better understand the theme of the exhibition. And its content should be expressed in a certain form, so as to get a more comprehensive display. Museum of art is not only the carrier of display content, but also a transmission way of emotion, so pay attention to the profound degree of emotional experience in the process of display the contents of care, also need to use the special form of display of emotion transfer art to visitors. Taking full account of the factors of the main visitors, they can arouse their associative and reinventing imagination, help understand the contents of the exhibition, and make the theme exhibits attract the attention of visitors when there is no guidance. Can the display show the effect and the purpose.