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Display of the Museum (Part One)
- Dec 25, 2017 -

The exhibition in museums is a group of exhibits that are directly educated and disseminating information in a certain space, on the basis of cultural relics specimens, with appropriate auxiliary exhibits, according to certain themes, sequences and artistic forms.


The exhibition of objects in the museum includes wall hanging display, exhibition table display, hanging display, scene display and combination display. The wall hanging display is a kind of display mode that is mounted on the paintings, pictures, clothes and fabrics, and hangs on the fixed wall or the movable display board. The choice of mounting mode is divided into frame mounting, cardboard mounting, reel mounting and press mounting according to the valuables, exhibition requirements, exhibition time limits and budget.After mounting exhibits more graphic attributes, so the display space requirements are not very high, as long as the linear walls and suitable ratio of height to width of ornamental channel can meet; including booth two: platform and showcase Showcase Display is mainly used for stereoscopic display exhibits ceramic products, handicrafts, such as small model, can along the wall. The layout, can also be arranged in the display space of the central. The platform for display more independent display more precious exhibits or stone carving, animal and plant specimens, cars, wooden and other three-dimensional exhibits, visitors can enjoy the exhibits multi angle display, according to the size of exhibits flexible layout; suspension type display is the birds, aircraft and other special items directly through the way of static suspension exhibits in the air, the visitors in March or flat or up, in order to obtain the dynamic and innovative feeling.

The height of the display mode of the exhibition space have certain requirements for the vertical space, or simply pull the atrium space in the outdoor space using bar supporting manner or creative publicity display; scene display two categories: one is to infer on the basis of historical objects exhibits as a clue a true story, the history of the contemporary technology and material reduction, the other is the archaeological site or historical relics preserved, with a certain scale, not through the display of the content to display fragments, theme form, like Terracotta Army only formed a certain scale and array can show the pre Qin the magnificent, brought visitors to a more comprehensive perception of different types of the Terracotta Army image of the ancient atmosphere; sometimes the historical legacy of exhibition They have their stories and stories, so at the appropriate time, we can choose several of the above four displays to form a combination display.