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Discussion on the development of sculpture and Museum
- Jun 19, 2018 -

In June 9th, "sculpture and Museum Development - the Auguste Rodin Museum China Pavilion exchange seminar" was held in Hangzhou.


Auguste Rodin, the greatest realistic sculpture artist in the early 19th Century and 20th Century, is an epoch-making figure in the history of Western sculpture, and his masterpiece "thinker" is a household name. The Auguste Rodin Museum China Pavilion project was launched by the French Museum of Auguste Rodin with the support of the French Ministry of culture. The symposium was sponsored by Hangzhou European Art Museum, and the experts and scholars discussed the two major topics about "the historical features of sculpture art and the influence of Auguste Rodin on the development of sculpture art" "from the planning of the Chinese Museum of Auguste Rodin museum to see the future development trend of the museum", and to promote the implementation of the China branch project of the Auguste Rodin Museum. Effective measures and positive suggestions are put forward. The seminar is of great significance for exploring how to inherit and spread Chinese and foreign cultural heritage.

The head of the Auguste Rodin Museum China Museum project and the director of the European Art Museum, Ms. Wu Jing, introduced the original intention and construction of the European Museum of art, as well as the work of the European Museum of art in publicity, social education, promotion and cooperation since the opening of the museum. In 2017, China's first public welfare European art gallery opened its veil in the Hangzhou library. Here, people can get close to art works from 18 to nineteenth Century in Europe. The collection of the public art gallery includes sculpture, painting, enamel art and so on. It is open free of charge throughout the year. So far, the number of visitors from all over the country has reached 83 thousand.

The purpose of our forum is to hope that all people can realize that culture is the link of people's spiritual dialogue, the bridge of soul communication, the difference of culture that makes our life colorful and the world vibrant, we should respect each other, enjoy each other and love each other. This is also the spiritual strength that I insist on preparing for the Auguste Rodin Museum Chinese Pavilion. "For a long time," Wu Jing said, "for a long time, the Chinese public want to appreciate western art masterpieces can only take the horse view during the trip to the outside world. There has not been a permanent exhibition hall in China by foreign famous museums. I hope the Chinese Museum of the Auguste Rodin Museum will fill the gap."

In the roundtable guests introduced their eyes of Auguste Rodin, and talked about the influence of Auguste Rodin on the China in sculpture and artistic achievements, and discusses the significance of China landing Auguste Rodin Museum from the history of art and museum development and cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries, have expressed the hope that Auguste Rodin will soon fall Chinese museum.