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Artists create buffalo bronze sculptures by 3D printing and CNC processing.
- Nov 21, 2018 -

Recently, on Reddit, an artist named Richard Loveller shared how he used 3D printing to create a large buffalo bronze sculpture. Richard is very famous in the local sculpture circles, and is good at animal sculpture.


In the past, it may take years to produce a large bronze sculpture. At that time, Richard mainly used hand carved foam to produce the prototype of the work. The 3D printing technology and the reduction of CNC processing cost give him a brand new way of creation.


Now, before creating the sculpture, Richard uses 3D modeling software to create the shape of the sculpture, then adjusts it to the required size, prints it in several parts, marks each part printed in 3D, so that it can be spliced and assembled into the final shape of the sculpture.


His buffalo bronze sculpture was created in this way. After splicing, Richard put a layer of clay on the model, formed the clay model, and then carved the next step.


After all the details are processed, the model will be segmented again and the mold is made. After completion, it will be sent to the foundry to produce the required components. After cooling the individual components, remove them from the mold and weld them together. Finally, the sculptured welds are polished and sprayed with green copper.


With the improvement of 3D printing accuracy and the reduction of cost, 3D printing technology is becoming more and more popular. Nowadays, it takes only a few months or even weeks to create a large sculpture with 3D printing technology, which was unthinkable before.