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Angelababy unveils Star Skirt wax figure
- Feb 08, 2018 -

On February 7, Angelababy sexy appeared in the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong to attend the opening ceremony for her wax figure , wearing a blue starry dress she once more exposing the black bra edge. Angelababy revealed that the wax figure was shaped shortly after her delivery so she was slightly fatter than she was now. She only had lunch for two weeks in a bid to lose weight, drink clear water at night, and she said with a smile that she was busy taking care of her son and working hard. The case lead to slim body.

Angelababy unveiled her own wax figure, she was a fancy dress for the wax figure to dig their nostrils, and sometimes pretended to kiss the wax figure, a lot of action, she revealed that for many years she has been hoping to have their own wax figure: "Today finally dream Come ture! "She laughed again:" The wax figure is just as beautiful as I am, but the wax figure ten years later has no wrinkles. Everyone can compare the hight with my wax figure, because I only have 150cm network transmission. "