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Analysis of Tourism Souvenir Market in 2017
- Jan 03, 2018 -

According to the analysis of souvenirs market, we know that the market share of souvenirs accounts for 40% to 60% of the whole industry chain of "eating, living, traveling, shopping and entertainment", and its consumption potential is very large. At present, many scenic spots and deep cultural deposits, increasing the research and development of souvenirs, and presenting the cultural and historical concept of abstract consciousness through physical carriers, are not only helpful to enrich and improve the economic structure of tourism industry, but also a good form of tourism.


At present, the major scenic spots enhance the cultural taste and level of tourist souvenirs, enhance the added value of tourism and cultural products, make tourist souvenirs become an important part of tourism revenue, and become a new highlight of stimulating tourism growth. But with the tourism industry in developed areas, tourist souvenir market there are also some problems, such as the structure of a single species, the real model to highlight the local characteristics of tourism souvenirs are not many, most businesses sell souvenirs are not out of jade, sandalwood fan, calligraphy and painting, silk scarves category.


For example, if there is no exhibition platform, tourist souvenirs in major scenic spots are mainly small shops, which do not form a large souvenir distributing market, but also lack some distinctive stores, so it is difficult to form tourist highlights. In addition, many tourist souvenirs are not allowed to locate the price. People travel and buy souvenirs very easily, but the price is too expensive. They are often not accepted by people. The souvenirs that are less than 100 yuan and convenient to carry are most popular among tourists.