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An interview with the Guardian of Madame Tussauds in Beijing-Part 2
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Q: A lot of people are particularly interested in living in the wax museum at night. Isn't it terrifying?

A: In fact, we have the night shift sometimes, and we don't feel terrible when we get used to it. You see Madame Tussaud's with lights and music during the business time. We also have to build an immersive interactive stadium. If the lights are closed at night and the music is stopped, I think most of the girls are afraid. (laughs) of course we also have regulations, must ensure that the present wax figure best for everyone, temporarily it can not be achieved overnight.


Q: Is it true that the wax figure is kissed off a layer of skin on the Internet some time ago?

A: In fact, the wax figure will not peel off the skin, the general appearance is to be touched to fade or the hand is not clean to be touched black, we regularly carry on the depth of the maintenance of color. The skin is misunderstood. Every morning we maintain it to ensure that every wax figure is presented to tourists in the best condition.

Q: There will be the hairstyle of the idol was slump that fans often say on the Internet. Is there a lot like this?

Speaking of this, in fact, I also want to share with you some problems that we usually encounter in maintenance. I believe that some of them are careless, but some of them are uncivilized. I hope the friend who read this article, when you find someone uncivilized, please persuade and stop it.


When some tourists are taking pictures, The whole man's center of gravity is pressing on the wax figure that leads to the wax figure fixed steel frame slanted, very easy to cause the serious accident damage wax figure. Some tourists mess up the hair style of the wax figures, or plait a braid, which affects the hairstyle of the wax figures. In serious case, it needs to be withdrawn for the wax figure and remodelling.

Because the girls are more venues, they certainly will be dressed up take pictures with wax figure. We also found the marks of lipstick and foundation on the face and clothes of the wax figure. Of course, there are also drinks and foods that stick to the clothes.

I hope everyone can be more gentle with each of the wax figure while visiting. For celebrities, wax figure is another self, it is a gift for the fans; for the fans, a wax figure is a dream of close contact with an idol; For us, wax figure is like an artwork completed by ourselves, just like a picture painted by a painter and composing a song written by genealogy. We are all trying to maintain every wax figure, and we hope you can love them as well.