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After two years of controversy, Jeff Koons sculpture will be located in Paris palace.
- Oct 09, 2018 -

Christophe Girard, Paris's deputy mayor of culture, announced that Jeff Queens'Tulip Bowl, a public sculpture designed to commemorate the victims of the 2015 Charlie Weekly and the Battakland Theatre attack in Paris, would be installed on the lawn of Petit Palais near the Champs Elysees, Artn Et reports.


The announcement by French radio this morning was surprising because the 34-foot sculpture has been controversial about its design, cost and location since it was announced two years ago in June 2016. Queens does not provide a cost of about $3 million 900 thousand for the installation of the monument, which is entirely borne by the French government. In addition, many people found the installation at such a central location, rather than near the Battakland Theatre or other places where the Nov. 13, 2015 shooting occurred, which they considered an "opportunistic" and "cynical" move. Queens believes that the creation of the Tulip Bowl symbolizes "commemoration, optimism and healing, and represents stepping forward from the terrible events that took place in Paris," he wrote in a statement in 2016.

In a radio announcement, Girard said the sculpture was a symbol of the "friendship between France and the United States," reaffirming our ties and friendship with the American people, and pointing out that the planned site was close to the U.S. Embassy in Paris. The tulip bouquet will be opened to the public outside the Paris Museum of art in the first half of 2019.