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A security guard slept in front of the shop every day, but he became a online star, and other security guards were very angry.
- Mar 16, 2018 -

Recently, a new security guard arrived in front of a shop in Henan. He wore a big hat and his uniform was very neat. He sat on a chair in front of the shop everyday, sleeping on his head.


People uploaded the photos of his virtue to the Internet. The netizens didn't accuse him, but they praised each other again. Within a few days, the security guard became popular on the Internet.


Originally, this shop is a celebrity wax figure exhibition hall. All the exhibits are "wax figures". Of course, this "security guard" is also a wax figure. Netizens praise the wax figure is too realistic, and can not see a dummy completely.


The other security guards were very angry when they saw it. Because the wax figure, sleeping in a security uniform, neglecting their duties, and blaspheming the image of security occupation, they said the wax figure had blacked out the occupation of security.